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During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes rapidly, from physical changes to physiological ones. These changes are essential for the growth and health of your baby. When discomfort and pain arise, you cannot depend on over-the-counter medications to relieve your pregnancy symptoms. Indeed, it may be difficult to balance care that is safe for your baby and is effective for your own needs. Visiting our Dallas chiropractic office is a safe and effective approach for pain relief during your pregnancy. It also helps set you and your baby up for a successful delivery and recovery.
Chiropractic for common effects of pregnancy in Dallas County

Common Effects of Pregnancy

One of the most noticeable changes during pregnancy is a mom’s ever-growing belly. This is a sign that the baby is growing and is healthy. Though, this can put a lot of stress on the mom’s body. For one, your center of gravity shifts towards the front of your pelvis, which affects your balance and posture. As your pregnancy progresses, your lower back curve increases, which can cause lower back pain. The upper spine may change to compensate for these changes. Towards the end of your pregnancy, the body releases a hormone known as relaxin. This hormone releases the ligaments in the body, especially around the pelvis, to prepare for giving birth. However, this can increase the possibility of falling, pain, and discomfort. Fortunately, chiropractic care is a natural and effective solution to address these issues and help you have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care as Prenatal Care

While pregnant, many moms worry about how safe chiropractic adjustments are during pregnancy. However, the Academy Pregnancy Association encourages women to receive chiropractic care during their pregnancies. Like normal aches and pains, chiropractic adjustments offer a natural method for relief. A chiropractor will address misalignments in the spine that help prevent discomfort and increase your health, healing, and wellness.

Additionally, a chiropractic adjustment helps improve balance to a woman’s pelvis. In turn, this improves a mom’s overall posture and decreases pain. This also helps the baby have more room in the womb. As an added benefit, chiropractic care is associated with shorter labor times, reduced need for medical intervention during delivery, and better birth results for both mother and baby.

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If you are pregnant and want to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy, visit Inspire Chiropractic today. You will gain several health benefits in our expert hands.

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